Odometric system

The odometer system is realized by reading laser that reads the reference places along its path, and allows the internal CPU of the AGV to calculate in vodo vector of the triangulation measurement.
The encoder placed on the drive wheel of the law of motion measurements.
The correlation and mathematical calculation allows you to position the AGV in its space.
technically advanced solution. The mapping of the control points is defined as operating software and are mutually rifrangeze readable along the path defined by the user.
The software user interface was created on the basis of a customer ssitema AGV and AGV server implementing the vector function and angular.

Fiera Bie 2021 - Montichiari Brescia

Fiera Bie 2021
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Articolo su "Brescia Oggi" Fiera BIE 2020

Brescia Oggi dedica alla nostra azienda un articolo in merito alla partecipazione alla Fiera BIE 2020 pagina 25 Sezione Economia
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Articolo su "Giornale di Bresica" settembre 2020

Il Giornale di Brescia dedica alla nostra azienda
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