Packaging system to fill the spaces inside cardboard boxes. The advanced system offers multiple packaging solutions through intelligent technology, with the production of a range of light and sturdy paper bearings that can be easily wrapped around any product, guaranteeing safe transport for the most delicate products together with industrial goods heavier. Rolls of 100% recycled paper of one or two layers in sturdy paper pads whose volume is up to 80 times greater than that of the paper roll. The new control system allows users to pre-set 3 different pack lengths and quantities and the new foot switch allows the system to be operated hands-free. The new high-speed blade technology has reduced the cycle time by half, contributing to a 35% increase in packages made per minute.


The new high speed blade reduces the cycle time to half Up to 35% more packages per minute

Programmable paper lengths

Converts paper of different types into single or double sheets

Convert paper to other paper with a value up to 80 times greater than the original volume

Switch with pedal board

Quick paper loading system

Setting paper lengths for optimal use

Ergonomic design Simple and intuitive operation


100% recycled, recyclable and biodegradable

Up to 11% more on volume yield Maximum protection for goods

Packaging for all types of goods - light or heavy

Total emptying is not necessary

Convenient custom packaging

Low operating costs It easily adapts to any packaging area

Fiera Bie 2021 - Montichiari Brescia

Fiera Bie 2021
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Brescia Oggi dedica alla nostra azienda un articolo in merito alla partecipazione alla Fiera BIE 2020 pagina 25 Sezione Economia
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Articolo su "Giornale di Bresica" settembre 2020

Il Giornale di Brescia dedica alla nostra azienda
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