Robot single way PS200

This palletizer is newer and, turning to small producers and designed to meet the needs of palletizing in confined spaces.
It 'a 4 axis robot compact and easy to install and, like all robots can palletize the most different products (boxes, bags, cans and other) thanks to the grippers tailored to each application.
It can be equipped with rollers, catenaries and automatic storing pallet for the automatic feeding of empty pallets and the automatic discharging of full pallets.
The machine management and implementation of programs of work (forming) is extremely simple and, after installation of the system, does not require the presence of the technicians of the manufacturer.

It is distinguished from the other palletizers for:

1) the structure "monobloc portal" with extensible feet, which allows you to be shipped fully assembled according to the configuration of the final work, thus reducing installation time at the customer site.
2) the extreme optimization of spaces of work, with the possibility to create pallets of 1100x1300mm up to a height of 2m, in a space of only 7m².

Technical features:
Max external dimensions of space (lxdxh) 2,000 x 3,500 x 3,530 mm
Power supply 380Vac - 50Hz
System 3 phase + N + PE
Installed power 9 kW
Operator interface touch screen 5.7 "
Max forming number Programmable 40 (basic version)

Max pallet feasible measures (lxdxh) 1100 x 1300 x 2000 mm
Top speed 480 cycles / hour
Heavyweight product clamp 65 kg
Max number of gripping points 1
Max number of pallet stations 1

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