FS 400

This machine was realized to form polyethylene bags in various sizes using the seamless vertical tubular PE. The FS400 packaging consists of a sturdy steel frame carefully welded, treated and powder coated, mounted on adjustable feet or with self-locking wheels for easy mobility.


Technical features:

The tubular reel is accommodated on a suitable shaft and guided by adjustable cones to guarantee the centering of the film. The polyethylene is dragged by special counter-rotating rollers antistatic rubber, moved by brushless motors, suitably treated to facilitate the load in the machine and the unwinding of the film to size for the work cycle. The bag is formed to the length set by the panel, dissected by a pneumatic movement of cutting with a blade shaped and opened by an intake system of the flaps joined to a cam movement mechanics. The opening system, patented, safe, combined with a set of adjustable pliers guarantees the seal of the open bag. The clamps are adjustable and interchangeable throughout the width of the film.

The welding of the tubular film is suitable to the creation of the bag and is made using a strip of chrome-nickel teflon coated temperature-controlled and timed in order to control the welding time and the related cooling. The movement of opening and closing of the bag is actuated by brushless motors and recirculating ball screws cemented.

The filling is facilitated by a hopper which is positioned inside the bag open and, once the load, the funnel stands up to instantly start the closing cycle; the welding cycle can be started from button on the control panel, by pedal or by a cyclic time pre-set by the panel. All parameters of setting and adjustment of the machine can be easily adjusted by touch screen panel diffuse.

It can be integrated:

the system with multiple hoppers and more tubes to increase the production speed of the machine (double bag), with creation system bore hole Europe and anti suffocation, printer and applicator of self-adhesive labels and thermal transfer printer directly on film , propitious to the creation of logo customization and bar code.

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